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About New Orleans' Industries

John Y. Pearce, partner, named the Best lawyers ® 2014 New Orleans Oil & Gas Law "Lawyer of the Year" and Best Lawyers ® 2015 Natural Resources law "Lawyer of the Year". New Orleans is recognized as being one of the capitals of the energy industry in the United States. It is the site of 17 of the nation's oil refineries and half of the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserves. It has the fifth-highest rate of oil production in the U.S. and is host to numerous pipelines that play a crucial role in supplying America's massive energy demand.

Additionally, several of the world leaders in the energy industry have chosen New Orleans and the surrounding area as their regional headquarters. Given the prominence of the energy industry in this region, it is only natural that Montgomery Barnett, L.L.P., one of the oldest law firms in New Orleans, should have a strong reputation for providing knowledgeable legal counsel and unparalleled litigation representation to a diverse set of clients in the field.

How the Firm Can Help Your Company

For nearly a century, the New Orleans lawyers of Montgomery Barnett have been representing clients such as majors, independents, and landowners in a wide variety of scenarios. The attorneys do not specialize in only one phase of the process but instead are actively involved in all stages, including leasing, exploration, transportation, development, and production of oil, gas, and other natural resources.

The attorneys assist in forming, negotiating, and financing exploration ventures for the discovery and development of new oil fields and other resources as well as the purchase and sale of properties that are already producing. They work on securing rights to proprietary data such as seismic data that map out the location and size of reserves and ore in addition to resolving oil and gas contract disputes and disagreements over leasing and mineral titles.

Retain a Skilled Lawyer for Your Oil & Gas Disputes

The attorneys of Montgomery Barnett have a proven track record of success litigating disputes over oil and gas issues, but they seek whenever possible to minimize the time and expense incurred by the client by seeking an effective out-of-court resolution to the matter. With experience representing clients before a number of different regulatory bodies and in both state and federal courts, they are prepared for even the most challenging cases.

In addition to litigation, the firm also provides mediation and arbitration services as a means of avoiding court altogether to reach a negotiated settlement.


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