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The attorneys at Montgomery Barnett are dedicated legal professionals who have been serving the New Orleans community since 1892. As they enter into their third century of service, they are poised to provide outstanding representation to future clients and devoted to ensuring clients receive favorable outcomes.

At the firm, the attorneys operate under simple principles that separate them from the competition. They believe that through goal setting and prompt representation their clients can have their matters effectively resolved in a swift amount of time. The team is proud to provide representation in numerous areas of law, including assistance with any of the case types and concerns described below.

Admiralty and Maritime
At Montgomery Barnett, the firm represents shippers and navigators in numerous respects of maritime law. The team can provide assistance to any individual seeking representation after an offshore accident, collision on the high seas, or any complication that may arise while working on a vessel, rig, or ship.

Attorneys at the firm can provide representation for Chapter 11 business bankruptcy as well as provide quality representation to creditors. The firm is proud to offer counsel for large-scale and commercial business platforms.

Business, Corporate and Finance
The firm is proud to represent clients in the business, corporate, and financial sector. The team can help start, grow, or dissolve a business entity and offer valuable information on franchising, contracts, and Uniform Commercial Code compliance.

Casualty and Insurance Defense
Montgomery Barnett effectively protects the rights of insurance companies in a range of claims that may be filed against them. The experienced trial attorneys in New Orleans can assist with claims of malpractice, errors and omissions, injury, and disease, among many others.

Business Litigation
The firm considers their business litigation practice to be the heart of their business. Any person who is facing a contract issue, construction concern, or any portion of the law that may be considered business litigation can contact the firm for representation.

Construction Law
Montgomery Barnett represents individuals, professionals, contractors, developers, and insurance companies in every aspect of their cases, from the bidding of a project through the final construction details. The attorneys protect clients' rights and assets throughout the legal and business processes.

Fidelity and Surety
A fidelity bond is an insurance bond that is designed to protect a company from incurring significant loss due to the misconduct of an employee, such as in cases of theft. A surety bond protects a company from loss suffered due to the incompletion of a job by a separate entity. The firm can assist with matters pertaining to both types of bonds.

Employment Law
The team at Montgomery Barnett represents employers that are facing employment law matters. Any issue from employment pay and harassment to wage disputes and equal opportunity concerns can be addressed and aggressively defended by the dedicated legal team.

Intellectual Property Law
As a business owner, your logo, name, reputation, and product are your image and brand. When you are faced with an intellectual property matter, you need to ensure that the attorney you choose can help aggressively defend your rights and ensure that you receive a favorable case resolution.

Environmental Law and Toxic Torts
Landowners, lenders, tenants, and insurers can all rely on Montgomery Barnett to provide them with trusted counsel and the representation that they require. The attorneys at the firm are highly experienced in environmental law and may be able to quickly resolve a case.

Estate Planning
The dedicated lawyers from Montgomery Barnett can provide clients with legal guidance to help them ensure that their finances, taxes, debts, and property are in order by drafting an estate plan. The firm provides estate planning and administrative services to clients.

Governmental and Public Entities
Montgomery Barnett has a strong understanding of governmental tort law and administrative procedures and can help governmental and public entities that are facing contractual disagreements or are negotiating purchasing agreements. The firm also can provide aggressive litigation defense.

Insurance Coverage and Extra-Contractual Liability
Major insurance companies can rely on Montgomery Barnett to provide them with multi-layer analysis representation, preparation, and reservation of rights in insurance cases as well as assist clients with wording and compliance matters.

Mediation and Arbitration
Any legal concern that a company may be facing may not be settled as well in court as it would through mediation or arbitration. At Montgomery Barnett, the team of attorneys includes trained mediators and arbitrators who are dedicated to helping clients obtain the best possible outcomes out of court.

Energy, Natural Resources, and Oil and Gas Law
In recent years, legal matters pertaining to energy, natural resources, oil, and gas have received major media attention. Montgomery Barnett can provide representation to oil and gas companies after leaks, injuries to workers, or for other environmental concerns. You need to work with the team immediately!

Product Liability Defense
Are you facing a product liability case? If your product has been deemed faulty or has malfunctioned, you could be facing serious penalties. To avoid a major lawsuit or costly verdict, your business needs to contact Montgomery Barnett and retain immediate legal defense.

Professional Liability Defense
As a professional, you accept an enormous burden of responsibility and a duty to perform at the expected standards of practice. When you are threatened with legal action, you can turn to Montgomery Barnett for professional liability defense. The firm represents physicians, attorneys, accountants, brokers, long-term residential care facilities, and others.

Real Estate
If your business is facing due diligence investigations, environmental investigations, or has hit a roadblock in your development or permitting, you need to contact Montgomery Barnett. The firm is devoted to real estate companies and assisting them with obtaining favorable outcomes for their cases.

Transportation Law
Montgomery Barnett can aggressively defend motor carrier companies, aviation and freight liners, as well as shipping companies that are facing personal injury, damage, or insurance disputes. If your business is facing a legal concern, you need to contact the firm as soon as possible.

Workers' Compensation and Administrative Law
When an employee is hurt on the job, employers may be entitled to provide them with workers' compensation; however, when employees sue for negligence or seek additional compensation, employers and insurance providers need to work with Montgomery Barnett immediately.

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At Montgomery Barnett, the firm is entering its third century of providing representation and committed excellence to the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. No case is too complex for the team to handle. The firm maintains simple principles of providing devoted service and effective representation so that clients can receive favorable resolutions to their legal cases.

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